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Full moon eclipse 5 May 2023 - photo by Isabel Sebastian

Throughout the research process there are numerous outcomes, reports, publications and events that will emerge from this project. Here you will find some of these.

Cultural fire event Mogo April 2023 - photo by Isabel Sebastian

As part of the project we have presented at a number of events and conferences. You can find these presentations on the News page of this website here.


Each case study will be written up in a report for the stakeholders and research participants. They will be available in the later part of 2024.

Upside down rainbow Bhutan - photo by Isabel Sebastian
Rainbow Lorikeet - photo by Isabel Sebastian

Academic Publications

In addition to the case study reports, there will also be academic publications, like journal articles and book chapters published as a result of this project. They will become available later in 2023 and throughout 2024

Resources and references

We stand on the shoulders of giants. As part of this project we draw on many resources and reference materials which you will be able to find here in future.

Mossy trees Wales - photo by Isabel Sebastian.jpg
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